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Have you been injured in a car accident in or around Waco, Texas? If so, then you may have options available to you that you need to know about. There are many experienced care accident attorneys in McLennan County.

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The Waco, Texas area is home to an expanse of highways that carry a heavy amount of traffic. Motorists travel the highways of I-35, US 84, and 31 en route to other Texas cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, just to name a few. The local roads around Waco are also filled with local traffic. Waco is a city of approximately 125,000 people, with more than 225,000 in the greater McLennan County area.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one or more of these motorists to end up in a car accident. In McLennan County alone, there were more than 40 fatalities due to car wrecks in both 2008 and 2009. In some cases, the crashes were due to bad weather and elements beyond the control of drivers. More often than not however, car accidents are generally caused by the negligence of another driver. For example, a driver can forget to turn on the headlights, fail to pay attention to the road, swerve onto oncoming traffic, drive while intoxicated, or drive while under the influence of drugs.

If you have been seriously injured in or around the Waco, Texas area due to the negligence of another driver, or the negligence of another party (car manufacturer), contact a Waco car accident lawyer to discuss your case. Don’t wait to contact a car accident lawyer until it is too late. The sooner your Waco car accident lawyer can begin the investigation, the less likely that evidence that is critical to your case will be lost or fade into history. For example, a witness’s recollection may fade, evidence at the accident scene may vanish with time, and potential defendants may disappear into obscurity.

Waco Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

Experienced car accident attorneys know how to handle the myriad of parties that get involved when there is a car accident: the driver, the owner of the vehicle, insurance companies, adjustors, corporations, police, investigators, just to name a few.

An experienced Waco car accident attorney can represent your interests, deal with third parties like insurance companies and the other side’s attorney, thereby acting as a buffer between you and those who would like to intimidate you or force you to settle for an inadequate amount

Types of Injuries

Contact a Waco personal injury attorney if any of the following have happened to you:

  • Whiplash
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Broken Bones
  • Traumatic Head Injuries (TBI)
  • Neck Injuries/Strain
  • Mental Anguish/recurring nightmares
  • Death of a Family Member
  • Scarring/Disfigurement
  • Back Pain
  • Fatality in Family

Accidents occur in many ways including, but not limited to, rear end accidents, side swipe accidents (when the car driver switches lanes and does not check out his blind spot well), cars running lights and stop signs causing intersection collisions, speeding, failing to yield the right-of-way, fatigue and, in some circumstances, when alcohol and/or drugs have been consumed by a driver.



Waco Hospitals

Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center
100 Hillcrest Medical Boulevard
Waco, Texas 76712
Phone: (254) 202-2000

Providence Healthcare Network
6901 Medical Parkway
Waco, Texas 76712
Phone (254) 751-4000

St. Catherine’s Hospital
1700 Providence Drive
Waco, Texas
Phone: 254 761-8500

VA Medical Center Waco
4800 Memorial Drive
Waco, Texas
Phone: (254) 752-6581

There are facilities that probably will treat you in Waco if you do not have any money. They are:

Family Health Center
1600 Providence Drive
Waco, Texas 76707
Phone: (254) 751-1777

Bell Hill’s Community Clinic
2125 Cleveland Avenue
Waco, Texas 76706
Phone: (254) 714-1579

South 18th Street Community Clinic
1800 Gurley Lane
Waco, Texas 76701
Phone: (254) 296-0123

Elm Avenue Community Clinic
609 Elm Street
Waco, Texas 76704
Phone: (254) 754-0001

Waco Auto Body Shops

In every car accident, whether it is with a truck, van, semi or whether it is with a personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle, you will want to get an “independent” appraisal of the property damage. This is necessary to make sure that your insurance company is being “straight-up” with you on the damage. The following auto-body shops serve the greater McLellan County area.

Crow & Roberts
500 Towne Oaks Drive
Waco, Texas 76710
Phone (254) 776-1430

Richard Karr Buick
1101 North Valley Mills Drive
Waco, Texas 76710
Phone: (254) 776-111

Wade Auto Body
3305 Interstate 35 South
Waco, Texas 76706
Phone: (254) 752-0776

John Mcclaren Chevrolet
1015 E McGegor Drive
McGregor, Texas 76657
Phone: (254) 840-3261

Waco Courts

If your claim is for less than $100,000, you will likely file it here:

McLennan County Court at Law No. 2
501 Washington Avenue Room 207
Waco, TX 76701-1327
Phone: (254) 757-5038
McLennan County Court at Law No 1
501 Washington Avenue Room 210
Waco, TX 76701-1328
Phone: (254) 757-5034

If your claim is worth over $100,000 you may file here:

McLennan County 170th District Court
501 Washington Avenue
Waco, TX 76703
Phone: (254) 757-5045

McLennan County 19th District Court
501 Washington Avenue
Waco, TX 76703
Phone: (254) 757-5081

McLennan County 414th District Court
501 Washington Avenue
Waco, TX 76703
Phone: (254) 757-5053

McLennan County 54th District Court
501 Washington Avenue
Waco, TX 76703
Phone: (254) 757-5051

McLennan County 74th District Court
501 Washington Avenue
Waco, TX 76703
Phone: (254) 757-5075




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